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Giving Back to Your Community Has Never Been Easier!

Real Talk!

We are not the kind of ministry that takes your hard-earned money and buys a private jet (Hey, you were thinking it lol)!

We are a ministry that believes that giving to our community is one of the most important functions of the local church. Whether it's providing breakfast to teachers on the first day of school, or feeding the neighborhood with a BBQ after a full day of prayer, we honor the principle of giving because Jesus did. Let's be honest, we can't build our community or provide it with the support it needs without money. However, we understand that giving money to the church has been a sticky topic for generations. OTW exists to change the narrative of money-hungry churches and crooked leadership. To honor your sacrifice we have a couple of ways you can give and a surefire system of accountability, that keeps you in the loop of how we use your resources to support the community with integrity! 

ways you can donate:



Join us on Thursdays and Sundays to Encounter Christ as we give our resources to strengthen this community!


Become a partner with our mission by making a free account and support our mission on this cool website!!!



Give on our Cashapp:


PayPal ButtonPayPal Button



use the Kindred App by Texting "Give" to (347) 282-2702

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