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About us

Statement of Purpose:

Out of The Walls Ministries (OTW) is an urban church plant and community fellowship in East New York, Brooklyn. Founded by pastors Micah and Jehosheba Ransome, OTW is committed to showing the love of Christ through personal interaction, neighborhood service, supernatural encounters in worship, biblical teaching, and a powerful discipleship model for discovering and seasoned believers. 


Our interactive and modern approach to ministry is designed to support the community in being healthy in every area of their lives as they encounter the love of Jesus Christ through our gifts and service. By providing support and access to our community in the areas of Small Group Development, Creative Arts Coaching, Leadership Training, and Spiritual Formation, OTW is unlike any urban ministry you have seen. 

Our vision is to break the walls between The Church and The World by creating a safe space for all to explore their faith, build community awareness, and discover hope in everyday life. 

Our mission is to impact the East New York community by connecting God to the Community, Community to the People, and People to the World.

Integrity - We are honest about ministry and what it takes to do it.


Generosity - We Believe in giving our time, talents, and resources to our local church and   community.


Diversity - Our community is made up of diverse cultures and we serve them all fully


Compassion - Concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others with grace and love.


Outreach - Extending our love to the community by helping through service  and education; we believe in going after the one far from safety.


Prayer - Keeps us connected to Jesus who is our source, so we leave the lines of communication open at all times.


Worship - We believe in corporately expressing our love for Jesus and His teachings through creative encounters.

our Core Values:
our Mission:
our Vision:
our Leaders:
Micah J. Ransome
Jehosheba Faith Ransome
Tyrell "Tru" Osborne
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